Thursday, November 25, 2010

A "Relaxing" Day to be Thankful For

Last night I came from having the sweetest time at Chase's house the past two days. After a crazy frenzy of traffic and circling Houston, coming home felt so good. No other words to describe, it just felt "good." When the turkey has been eaten, and the dishes are done my family and I always relax. 
Thanksgiving day is always so relaxing to me, because no one has to be anywhere or do anything.
Keeping Christmas in mind with a hint of scent filling every room in my family's house, to not relax is almost impossible. 
Because we are all here even my dog, has taken the opportunity to sit down and soak up a day of not having to be prepared for comings and goings. 
This week I wanted to have a little work-out and get some stretching in, and I found this website, with easy to follow, very relaxing yoga classes, recorded in about 20 minute sessions. The video I tried, was "Energizer Sequence," under Morning and Evening Sequences. It really released a lot of tightness in my neck, LOVED it, and am more than ready to do it again. 
Here is the website.... 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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