Monday, December 13, 2010

Sign of "I Love You"

Sign of "I love you"

This Dangle Open Picture frame was so easy to make.

4 Globs of Hot Glue
2 Slices of Yarn
1 Antique Frame
4 Fun Pictures

The story behind this frame comes from missing my mom at ACU, and going antique shopping with my cousin Ally in Waco at Laverty's (spelling)? For my mom's birthday, she wanted these four pictures that she could put up in her work-room at home. I took these pictures just to say that i loved her freshman year of college. In memory of when I was little, and my dad and I would get in the freezing car in -10 degree Anchorage Alaska to head to school. My beautiful mom would be standing directly in front of the frosted window, signing "i love you!" as we were backing into to the driveway. I would always sign back, and I will never forget picture of the smile and giggles she would put on my face as we signed each other every morning before school. Well I am glad to say that one, I don't live in the freezing negative 10 degree weather, two Happy Birthday Mom I love you! and Three! As for now No more backing out of the driveway for school!

{The whole "leaving the frame open" is so in right now, and it will look perfect with everything in her room. So for Christmas ya'll this is a nice gift to make a bold statement to anyone on your Christmas list for just under 12$!}


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